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Very high productivity finger-jointing system for jointed wood production for : 

  • I-beam

  • Glued laminated wood​

  • Cross-laminated wood

  • Any other type of structural wood

Ideal for industries requiring a very high wood production. 



This system can operate infeed planks from 300mm [12 in.] to 3.66m [12 ft.] long, with a roll former speed up to 180 lugs/min. This system has a continuous high speed press and a flying cut off saw that can reach a production rate of up to 183m [600 ft] per minute. The length of the final products can vary according to your needs, with a standard of 20m [66 ft].

* Optional equipment in line planer


Dimensions of the blocks

Length : 914 mm [3 ft] to 3.05m [10 ft]

Width : 50 mm [2 in] to 225 mm [9 in]

Length : 25 mm [1 in] to 63 mm [2 1/2 in] - (75 mm [3 in] optional)


Input : Up to 180 lugs per minute

Output : Up to 183m [600 ft] per minute

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