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A highly productive system designed for stud or I beam flange production.



A high productivity system for long blocks at infeed from 300 mm [12 in] to 3m [10 ft], with in line continuous press [crowder] and flying cut off saw. With an input of 180 lugs per minute and an output of up to 122m [400 ft] per minute. 

* Optional equipment in line planer


Dimensions of the blocks

(Different infeed lengths are available as options)

Length : 300 mm [12 in] to 3.66m [12 ft]

Width : 50 mm [2 in] to 225 mm [9 in]

Thickness : 16 mm [5/8 in] to 63 mm [2 1/2 in]

914 mm [3 ft] to 3.05m [10 ft]


Input : Up to 180 lugs per minute

Output : Up to 122m [400 ft] per minute

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