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CCS 1000

Our most popular equipment

Automatic Cross Cut Saw

Ideal for cutting efficiently defects

CRP 180

Short Block Feeder

Ideal for feeding quickly a CRP 2000

CRP 360

MSR Grading Machine

Ideal for grading your lumber

crp 480

CRP 480

Automatic stacker

Ideal for stacking short boards

CRP 580

Automatic stacker

Ideal for stacking finger jointed lumber

CRP Wane Up System

Wane turning

Ideal for rotating your wood

CRP Glue Applicator

The unevitable in our finger jointing system


CRP Laboratory Equipment

The equipment for testing your finger jointing lumber


PET saws

Precision End Trim Saws (P.E.T.s)


Ideal for a final cut precision

SSM 200

Shingle Squaring Machine

Ideal for your cedar shingle production

Vacuum stacker/unstacker

Ideal for unstacking your boards from bundle to the finger jointing feeder